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Fountain Glassworks (12 tone) - flt, sop sax, clt tpt

Iridescents (pointilistic) - flt, clt, sop alt ten sax, tpt, trm, vln, 2 melodica, vln, gtr, 2 pno, bells, glock

Skypiece (impressionistic) - 2 flt, 2 clt, bss clt, bsn, 2 tpt, 2 trm, elec vln, elec gtr, vib, perc, pno

The Time Draws Near (carol) - choir s a t b, pno, vib, perc.

Those Dancing Days Are Gone (song) - baritone solo, vln, ob, clt, hrn, elec gtr, pno
(W B Yeats)

The Tin Soldier (overture) - full orchestra plus 4 sax, elec gtr, bss gtr, vib

Landscape Cantata (graphic score) - sop, bar, cel, clt, vln, trm, gtr, perc For Bath Festival
setting of syllables from a magazine

Sound Bath (multi-media event for The Bath Festival) - electronic tape, clt, gtr, perc

Mirror Dome (multi-media event at the ICA) electronics


Hamlet - 2 clt, cel, tpt, trm, gtr, tmp, perc, electronics

King Lear - 3 tpt, electronics

Under Milk Wood - string quartet, flt, ob, clt, bsn, hrn, tpt, flgl, trm, gtr, bass gtr, perc, org

Twelfth Night - bsn, harpsichord, gtr

Leeds Playhouse:

Music for lunchtime performances with poetry and improvisations - clt, cel, pno

Twelfth Night (modern dress production) - flt, gtr

Liverpool Playhouse:

The Winter's Tale - pan pipes, pno, electronics

Brainwaves - pno, electronics, spatial effects

The Last Days of The Commune (Rock Musical) - pno, gtr, drms

Film & Television

The Accursed Shrines of Avarice - documentary Granada T V

Pre-programme music - Channel 4 T V

Take Hart - large body of themes & underscores for BBB TV's children's art show

The Beauty of Ireland - documentary for cable T V

Behind the Ice Wall - documentary of the remote Himalayas, Cable T V

Secret Lives - documentary on Che Guevara, for Channel 4

Self Portrait - stop frame animation of painting by war artist Peter Howson

A Walk Through New York – ‘inflight’ entertainment for the Heathrow Express

Pandora’s Box -

Nosferatu –

scores for live accompaniment of silent film featuring The Angel of The Odd improvising orchestra and The Odd Opera Chorus


Roots Art - featured music for BBC Radio 4 programme on black music

The Ballad of Spitalfield Market – a musical documentary with Rory McLeod, BBC Radio 4


The Reggae Album - for KPM international music library (EMI)

Serendipity and Serendipity Rides Again – albums for KPM music library

Steppin’ Out - album for Charly records

Margeurite - single for Gem Records

Who’s to Know? - single for Charly records

Christmas - an album of carols for acoustic instruments, with members of Roxy Music

The Repeatos – first album

Improvidence, Eden Rain - albums of free improvisation

The Aviator - blues album with Giles Hedley

Kicking the Sawdust, Travelling Home, Lullabies for Big Babies, Mouth to Mouth - arrangements and sessions for Rory MacLeod

Numerous songs, sessions, arrangements and productions for rock blues and reggae bands.

Work In Progress
Further films of paintings by Peter Howson, including his forthcoming images of Kosovo tragedy. An opera for television based on an ill fated climb of the North Face of the Eiger. 'A Walk Through London', a second film in the series begun by ‘A Walk Through New York’. A jazz album with friends
Future Projects
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari – silent film score for ‘The Angel of The Odd’ originally commissioned by The Everyman Cinema with Arts Council Support.